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Commercial Appraisal

Appraisal Unlimited invites you to select us for your single source and point of contact for all of your commercial (or residential!) appraisal needs.

  • All appraisal types: store, office, business park, shopping centers, mixed use, service stations and automotive, financial, restaurant and nightclub, commercial acreage and sites, condominiums, sports and marina, health and golf... these are just some examples. If you can think of it, it's probably in our repertoire.
  • Service to Texas, Colorado, and Utah.
  • Optional Online Ordering
  • Optional Online Payment with your Corporate Credit Card
  • Easy service with no headache

Contact us today to set up your account, or just order your first appraisal online.

Commercial Appraisal Request

You can use our online ordering systems for commercial appraisals. In
fact, it has the benefits of automatically establishing a client account,
online tracking of the report, secure delivery, and accepting your
corporate credit card in one easy interface. However, the fields in the
form are geared to residential appraisals. So we've provided an
alternate form for commercial appraisals below, for your added
convenience. Feel free to use either form for commercial appraisal

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