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Why Join Our Team

We treat appraisers fairly. We're not bottom dollar. It does cost money to run an AMC, so the price an appraiser receives for an appraisal is necessarily less than an independent appraisal. However, we fairly compensate all appraisers, because we want your loyalty and repeat business, same as we do our clients.

We help you expand your business. You're getting a certain amount of independent appraisal work, and we not only don't begrudge you that - we encourage it! But AMC work can help you expand and grow your business, maintain a steadier pipeline of income, and even given you the revenue needed to invest in your business for further growth. We look at our relationships with appraisers as a partnership - in your business and ours.

We don't have draconian requirements. We insist that all regulatory statutes be followed. We expect quality and experience from appraisers that produce reports for us. But we don't need to know your kids names or where you went to high school. We think you'll find the sign-up process easy, and the professional relationship rewarding.

So if this appeals to you, sign up with us today. Even if you're not sure yet, we'd be happy to contact you and go over any questions or concerns you may have. Review our requirements, and utilize our easy sign-up form. We'll contact you to answer your questions and request any other information we may need to complete your file.

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